Thank you for visiting my page! I'm Alice, I'm 20 years old from a small village in Cambridgeshire and I have been studying at Arden University to become a fully qualified graphic designer. I also have a strong passion for illustration which is what I spend my spare time doing when I'm not studying hard. 
I also feel very strongly about the shape of the world and politics and therefore this is reflected within my work at times. Often these are influenced by things around me that I hear, through the news, social media or even music.
Other passions of mine include reading, watching TV and films and listening to music, all of which helps to influence my work which is showcased here. I am also interested in photography, however I wouldn't class myself as an expert.
For any enquiries, collaborations or just wanting to drop in and say hi, you can use the form below!
Alice x
Thank you!
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