The Way Women Are Seen
This was a booklet design based on a university project in which we had to create a piece of design based around any theme. My idea was based on a book 'Ways of Seeing' by John Berger which explored how art uses semiotics to create meaning behind art. One of the chapters which resinated with me the most was the way women are seen and portrayed in the art world.
He explores the themes of nudity and how women are painted in a way which suggests that they are shameful for being naked in which the spectator is supposed to feel pleased about this. He also explores how art shows that "men act and women appear" which I explored through the statistics of women in power, specially UK politicians but also changing the perception on what is a "man's" job. 
Berger also explored how women's personalities were determined by their eyes, mouth, hands and shoulders whilst men's was on the perception of how much power they had. Other ideas which I took forward included the expansion of digital media and how this is harmful, the anger of the modern society and the protests this caused. 
Finally I looked at how women are perceived to be of importance due to how they look. This led to a satirical make-up advertisement which suggests that the level of women's importance is based on the amount of lipstick she wears.